Welcome to Tranquil Balance! It’s time for you to relax and enjoy as I bring the healing touch of massage to you.

I specialize in therapeutic massage, combined with stretching and joint rotation to improve mobility and relieve tension. You’ll leave feeling balanced, invigorated and relaxed!

As my client, you will have my complete and focused attention. My mission is to bring balance and wellness to all of you; your entire body, mind and spirit.

Jennifer Hartman, LMT


Full-Body Therapeutic Massage

I specialize in pain and stress relief, and you deserve to feel your best!

With a combination of Swedish relaxation massage and gentle stretching, we’ll work out all those kinks and knots, even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Don’t forget to ask about adding hot stones to your massage for the ultimate experience in relaxation and stress relief!

You’ll not only leave feeling better than you ever imagined, but you’ll also want to come back as soon as you can!

Relief for Your
Neck and Shoulders

We all carry our tension and stress in our necks and shoulders, and most of us spend too much time sitting at a desk at work to boot.

Using a keyboard and mouse all day just makes it worse, with the constant strain of keeping one arm in an awkward position and our eyes fixed on the computer for hours at a time!

This specialty massage targets those tension areas and eases your stress and pain — you’ll enjoy blissful relief from stiffness, headaches and discomfort.

Your neck and shoulders will be more relaxed, flexible and free of pain than they have in years!

Upper and Lower Back Stress and Pain Relief

Old injuries; sitting at a desk or in a car for too long; inadequate stretching or exercise; and plain old stress and worry: Too many of us have forgotten what it’s like to be free of pain and tension!

I can change that for you with a massage concentrating on your back muscles—both the upper back muscles that store so much tension and stress, and the lower back that so often gets strained and injured.

With patient, gentle kneading and Swedish massage, I can help that tension, stress and pain melt away, and avoid the soreness or bruising that so often accompanies a high-pressure deep tissue massage.


Facebook 5-Star Review

I had a sore and tight back from over exertion, but after my massage today with Jennifer, it is ever so much better! The space she created is very pretty and soothing and the music the perfect accompaniment. Really appreciated the extra care she took on the areas that hurt and how careful she is to get the pressure right, etc. I travel a lot and have gotten massages in a lot of places, but this was one of the best. Malia L.

Genbook 5-Star Review

I’m new to the area and I was very nervous trying a new massage therapist for the first time. Jennifer was terrific! I had an awesome massage; she was super nice and she made me feel very comfortable. I was so relaxed after I left. I was going to run a couple of errands but I didn’t want to ruin the relaxed mode I was in. I highly recommend Jennifer; I’ve already booked my next appointment with her! Deb W.

Genbook 5-Star Review

Jennifer is really great. She’s nice and has a relaxing atmosphere. She helps get the knots out and always makes my neck and shoulders feel better. Glorianne H.

Genbook 5-Star Review

Jennifer is very friendly. She will work on the areas you request. Nice, relaxing atmosphere. I feel so much better when she is done. Always looking forward to my next massage! Dani Hiller

Genbook 5-Star Review

Jennifer truly cares about her clients and their needs. She asked appropriate questions about aches and pains and really gets to know her clients. I have been more than once, she remembers treatments from previous visits and follows up on the results. She’s very thorough, being sure to address all areas even if she has to go over the 60 minutes. She uses quality oils and is continually reassessing client’s comfort throughout the massage. Cindy Atwell

Genbook 5-Star Review

Jennifer was wonderful! Even her voice is relaxing. She has the perfect touch and was able to “untie” all those knots in my shoulders and back. I think I sort of floated out the door. I’ll be going back! Pat

Genbook 5-Star Review

I had a thorough, relaxing, and enjoyable massage–much needed and appreciated! I am ready for a hot bath and bed to complete the R & R! June Wagner

Genbook 5-Star Review

Jennifer has been working on my neck and shoulders for months now and I can feel a huge improvement. My pain is more than cut in half and I feel very relaxed after going to see her. I totally recommend her massages. D.G.

Genbook 5-Star Review

We are so happy we found Tranquil Balance! Every time we’ve gone, we leave feeling pampered and relaxed. Her suite is so inviting and relaxing, just a great experience overall. Highly recommend! Bill Shields

Genbook 5-Star Review

Jennifer was professional, inviting, and informative. The environment was very nice. Sometimes, at other places, the aromatherapy or music in the room is not really what I would prefer, but I found my experience in every area to be excellent. Definitely will return. R.G.